Monday, 26 July 2010

How not to Compliment a Woman

Just a message to all men that think they know how to compliment a woman (disclaimer - I know not ALL men are so crude). Looking a stranger up and down whilst she is minding her own business, then lecherously declaring ‘Mmmm, very nice’, is NOT a compliment. It is NOT flattery. It is plain rude.

I do not want to be made to feel like a piece of meat whilst I am going about my daily routine. I do not want you staring at my arse and tits. I am not here for your sexual gratification. I am a human being, and my breasts are not there for you, a complete stranger, most likely with a wife and children at home, to pass your judgment over.

It does not make you a real man to be so perverted - it only highlights your desperation, sadness, and complete inadequacy.

The Stun

Think red-tops like The Sun aren’t all bad? Take a look at this…

This reminds me of a time I happened to catch a glimpse of The Sunday Sport, whilst working at booksellers. They had their own version of Page 3 Idol, tastefully entitled ‘Miss Upskirt’. Make of that what you will…

Living Dolls by Natasha Walter

Any self-respecting woman / woman-respecting man should read this.

Natasha Walter is my new hero[ine].